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Client Stories - Claro Walnut Live Edge River Furniture Package

Our Client Amy reached out for a Custom made Live Edge Desk since they started more work from home. After looking through our portfolio they fell in love with the look of claro walnut with all the movement of color throughout the slabs! Along with the desk they want a credenza and cabinet. To create a stunning look, we agreed we want the front river section of the credenza to flow over into the cabinet to create a beautiful visual! So we started looking for some slabs that would provide the look they modern look they wanted. We first provided them with a set of 3D mockups. Amy was not sure if they like the knots in the slabs from the first mockups which is exactly what we want to know, if there is something the client does not want we will be glad to give them more options!

With those mockups of their office desk, and credenza, they gave us some more info on what they wanted and we provided them with several mockups! After a few more mockups they picked out a set of mockups they loved! This was a set of Live Edge Claro Walnut slabs from Oregon. All Set! After a few more details were figured out to make this fit their office space, they place a deposit and we started working toward making them their perfect bespoke live edge furniture!

Next, we sent them several epoxy samples with varying hues around the epoxy color they had chosen. After receiving the samples they chose our color, Caribbean Onyx blue.

Now on to transforming these live edge slabs into beautiful functional wood furniture! First, as soon as we received the slabs from our slab supplier, it was time to get them trimmed to size, poured, and on to finishing!

Here is the finished project! A beautiful Live Edge River Desk, along with a Live Edge River Credenza and Cabinet, to help tie the room altogether. It was a pleasure making this River Furniture, and could not have asked for any better clients!

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