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Sustainably Sourced Live Edge Slabs

Sustainable Wood and Epoxy: Live Edge Tables made at The Ole WoodShack

    One aspect that sets TheOleWoodShack apart from some other makers is our Bio-Friendly Epoxy, Most epoxy starts its creation at an Oil rig, and the fossil fuels from there are created using various methods. The Epoxy we use in our live edge river tables starts its life in a grain field, the natural oils produced from the grain grown in the field is the main building block, which is what allows our epoxy to be 100% Bio-Based and Bio-Friendly. Once the epoxy is cured, it is non-toxic, won't outgas, and is perfectly safe to touch, eat on, and place items on.

     Next, we need sustainable timber harvesting. The live edge slabs for our tables and desks are cut mainly for local cities needing to take down trees for safety reasons and other means. Other slabs that are not grown in the local area, we obtain by working with reputable, small sawmill companies who use best practices for the protection, restoration, and conservation of natural forests. Some of the local wood types we use include, Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Cedar, Elm, Hickory, Ash, Sycamore and many others, these slabs are turned into our one of a kind, Live Edge Epoxy Resin Tables.

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Eco-Friendly Furniture benefits the maker and the user!

    Eco-friendly furniture made in our shop offers many benefits to the consumer. Wood is the ideal sustainability material for furniture because it is renewable, not a metal or plastic veneer that cannot be grown again to replace the tree. Trees stores carbon, storing carbon then reduces greenhouse gases. We make our furniture from True solid wood slabs - we do not add any chemical additives, no plywood, no veneer, no particle board, and no other material that contains chemical glue and other toxins. That means it’s great for your health and its production does not produce other harmful toxins and pollutants into the atmosphere

    You can also feel safe and secure with the epoxy we use for our river tables. They are the best quality - but not the cheapest you can find - this is because we do not cut corners buying cheaper epoxy brands available and are completely non-toxic, unlike some epoxy used in tables that are made from fossil fuels. Using 100% solid wood slabs means your table will last a lifetime, each slab has its own unique design and story.

    Contact us at TheOleWoodShack and we will be glad to assist you, step by step in creating your own custom table. If you are looking for a dining table, coffee table, or anything larger, smaller, or in-between!

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