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Cedar Live Edge River Table
Wood Work



How it Started

 Our business, The Ole Wood Shack, started as a side hobby in my dad’s woodshop. My dad, Tim, and I made handcrafted solid wood chairs for my uncle’s wholesale furniture company. In the early 2010’s we started making a few live edge tables for his company. There we learned by research and trial and error some of the tricks and tips to making live edge tables. When making live edge tables there was always extra wood. So I started turning that wood into floating shelves , coffee tables, and other small pieces and selling them. I called my side hobby The Ole Wood Shack.


After a few years we started focusing on making Premium Live Edge Tables and River Tables, and selling them directly to clients. We worked from start to finish with the customer so they receive their dream table! It is a pleasure being able to make these beatiful, useful pieces of art for our clients.

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