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Wood Types Used in our Live Edge Tables

-Black Walnut - Claro Walnut - Bastogne Walnut - English Walnut - Maple - Big Leaf Maple - Maple Cluster - English Elm - American Elm - Siberian elm - White Oak - Red Oak - Cherry - Buckeye Burl - Mappa Burl - Camphor - Monkey Pod - Acacia - Sycamore - and many more!


Here are our most popular wood types used in our custom furniture orders

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Black Walnut
Price Class: "A"

   Black walnut is an important tree for woodworkers. The wood is a deep brown color and easily worked with. Walnut seeds, usually called nuts are cultivated for their distinctive and desirable taste. Walnut trees are grown both for lumber and food.

   Black Walnut has always been a popular choice for woodworkers. For CustomTables, Black Walnut is one of the most common wood types used. The advantage of black walnut is the number of slabs that are available to choose from. This gives us the ability to find slabs with live edge movement that we are looking for to create a unique design for each client. We use Black Walnut wood on many of our orders, from Live Edge River Tables, to coffee tables, or any other type of Live Edge Furniture a Client is interested in.

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Price Class "A"

   Maple Wood is a great pick for all woodworkers. There are dozens of various species of maple trees around the globe. The species most commonly used among woodworkers is "Hard Maple" commonly called Sugar Maple.

   Sugar maple trees grow abundantly in the New England States and throughout the Northern US and Canada and are also the source of maple sap, the sole ingredient in pure maple syrup.

   Maple is a great choice for live edge tables and live edge River tables. It has beautiful flowing grain. Maple has a beautiful white, tan color. We have used Maple in many custom pieces of furniture, from Maple River Tables to Maple Desks, and many other bespoke pieces of furniture for clients throughout the years.

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Claro Walnut
Price Class "C"

   Claro Walnut which grows in the American Northwest has some of the most beautiful figurings of any member of the walnut family. It is not unusual to find a four-foot diameter tree that is not yet hundred years old. Claro Walnut is an American exotic tree, native home is the upper Sacramento River basin. The live edge slabs it produces is known for deep beautiful colors.

   Claro Walnut is one of our top choices for Custom Luxury Furniture. If you are looking for a High-End Bespoke Custom Table with stunning deep colors and hues, Claro Walnut is the wood for you. We have created luxury live edge conference tables, Live Edge River credenza's, and many other custom tables out of this wood.

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Big Leaf Maple
Price Class "B-C"

Big Leaf Maple Trees can grow up to 157 feet tall. It is native to western North America near the Pacific Ocean coast, from southern Alaska down to southern California. The bigleaf maple has the largest leaves of any type of maple, 6"-12" across.

Big Leaf Maple creates stunning slabs with lots of figuring from curling in the wood to burls. It is very strong wood and thus creates amazing live edge tables, and river tables. Big Leaf Maple is a top choice for clients looking for a high-end luxury table. From Conference Rooms to home kitchens, Big Leaf Maple creates some of the most beautiful live edge furniture.

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English Elm
Price Class "A-B"

    English Elm is an important tree for woodworkers. The Heartwood is light to medium reddish brown. Paler sapwood is usually well defined.

    We have made many English Elm Live Edge River Tables, to coffee tables, or any other type of Live Edge Furniture a Client is interested in. English Elm wood slabs are very stable, making them ideal for furniture making, especially in large Nakashima style tables.

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Mappa Burl
Price Class "C"

Mappa burl is actually the burl wood of a European poplar. These highly fiqured Live Edge Slab is particularly contrasty—its light brown heartwood is peppered by an unusual darker, burl-like pattern of tight clusters. This burl is stunning an stunning choice for Live Edge Tables, or Mappa Burl River Tables.


English Wych Elm
Price Class "B"

    English Wych Walnut is similar to English Elm, the main difference is the "Wych Elm" has more burls and figure within the wood than typical English Elm. 

    English Wych Elm is considered to be the finest English Hardwood, the grain is interlocked making it very resistant to splitting. This is the only type of Elm species known to be native to the British Islands. 

    English Wych Elm makes beautiful tables, especially if you are looking for a table with a touch more character and movement in the live edge.

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Price Class "A"

Cherry is a great wood for most woodworking projects. It has straight uniform grain. The Live Edges on Cherry slabs are generally very straight unless you buy a slab that contains some burls. It has a very reddish hue that deepens with age. 

    Cherry makes beautiful pieces of furniture and is a very popular choice of domestic wood types.

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Buckeye Burl
Price Class "C"

Buckeye Burl is a very unusual wood species, with color tones from blueish black through grey and onto golden whites. It is a truly one-of-a-kind wood type. It is a highly prized wood with beautiful patterns burl eyes and swirls. 

Buckeye burl is perfect for round tables but works great for rectangle dining tables, or conference tables as well!

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 7.36.40 PM.png
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Siberian Elm
Price Class "C"

Siberian Elm is another beautiful variation of the Elm Species. It as has a medium brown/blonde wood moving into some red tones. It is a very hard wood, tough, and was and is popular for baseball bats, bows, and tool handles. 

Siberian elm has more irregular patterns in the grains than other variations making it a standout, especially in a large slab to showcase its flowing grain patterns.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 7.46.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 7.44.42 PM.png

Price Class "C"

Camphor is a unique wood type. The color is highly variable, generally, it is a light brown, but it frequently contains shades of grey, red, and hues of olive green. It commonly contains burls which add to its beautiful look. Camphor is great for large dining tables and conference tables, because of the size that the trees grow to.

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