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How to Order Your Table

The Process

Tree to Table

Our tables start as trees that are cut mainly for local cities needing to take down trees due to safety or other reasons. 

Our selection of wood options and slabs is nearly unlimited with suppliers from all over USA and beyond!

trees cut down ready to be used for a table


How it works


Our 7-Part Satin Propiertary Finish Makes our Tables 100% Waterproof


Pre-Installed Inserts will come with your table top, installed to match the legs you choose. Simply bolt the legs tight when the Table is Delivered

Eco-Friendly Epoxy

Our Epoxy Is Made our of Bio - Friendly Epoxy, no toxic plastics

3D Mockups

We will provide 3D mockups before you select your slabs, so you can visulize the slabs you want us to use.

Kiln Dried Wood

All Slabs we select are

professionaly kiln-dried

Free Shipping to ALL USA

Free Shipping to all Continental USA, no matter if you live in Maine, or California

Meet the Team

Get to know your craftsmen who will be building your table. Your order starts with communication with Bradlyn, from finding what you are looking for, to selecting slabs, and generating mockups, from then on both Bradlyn and Tim will work together to craft your table.

Call or text us at 717-377-4288

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