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River Tables, The Worlds of Rustic, and Art brought together.

Live Edge products have existed since people were making wooden furniture; it is a very straightforward way to build furniture, especially Tables. It was not as simple as grabbing your cordless circular saw and cutting off the live edge back in what we call “the old days.” You would have had to get your handsaw and spend time cutting off the outer live edge portion of the wood. So instead, they just left the live edge on, not as a style choice but for convenience's sake. Live edge has not just recently become popular.

Back in 1946, George Nakashima was bringing it to life. George was an award-winning architect and designer. In his collections, he included Live Edge designs. Soon after, they began appearing in modern homes and have increased in popularity ever since. The past decade has seen a significant increase, with big-name interior designers and architects offering clients stunning live-edge furniture options. You can find live edge furniture in Restaurants, offices, conference rooms, kitchens, and most places where you can put a table.

This history of river tables is not very long but is a new design style that has become more popular in the last decade. This design takes the more rustic furniture style of live edge and turns it into modern, functional furniture. Greg Klassen is the man who created the River Table. He started in his garage, coming up with furniture designs and hardly making ends meet. Most river tables made currently use epoxy resin in place of the glass initially used by Greg.

The Beauty of river tables in the combination of the rustic live edge look and the artistic look and appeal of epoxy. The River epoxy table disgn can be using in many types of furniture, from a dining table, to a coffee table and even as big as a live edge conference table! River Tables also give you endless options for making the table unigue and to a person's taste. We have the ability to make the epoxy color exactly the shade you need, want to match the color of some trim in your office space, or living room , send us some pics and we will get you a custom color mixed up!

So whether you are looking for a modern Live edge desk, or a elegant live edge epoxyr river table, we are here make your dreams a reality!

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